Centro Studi Achille e Linda Lorenzon
The Prestige of Research


Research, Method and Cooperation


Centro Studi Achille e Linda Lorenzon is a research facility of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore that promotes, through scientific conferences, meetings and training courses, research in the fields of oncology, geriatrics and gerontology and infectious diseases.
Activities are planned on a yearly basis by a scientific committee that takes into account the national educational and training needs and the specific implications for the local area in which it operates.
The Centre is located next to the walls of the medieval town of Treviso, just a few hundred metres from the railway station and a few kilometres from the modern city centre.
The airport of Venice is at about a 20-minute drive.


The Culture of Hope


The hope that drives our being witnesses of the Gospel and feeds each training and scientific research is oriented to expand the human mind, and supports us in grasping the deep meaning of future achievements. In accordance with the wishes expressed by Mrs.
Teresita Lorenzon, the studies carried out in the Centro Studi Lorenzon tend to promote a culture of hope, especially in medical health care, encouraging the actualisation of human dignity and the growing attention to the most fragile and vulnerable.
The annual cycle of meetings is aimed at all those who are calling for a training that, bringing together science and faith, may be apt to reveal the essential elements of the culture of hope.